Cremations are becoming the popular choice for funeral services in the Denver, CO area. If you have been considering cremation, speak with our funeral directors today. We have many urns to choose from so that you can properly commemorate your lost loved one.

To prevent sudden financial burdens and ease the grief of an already traumatic time, it’s best to do some pre-funeral planning. We will explore all of your options, including caskets for funerals, urns for cremation and costs of each type of funeral service.

We understand that no one requests funeral service assistance in the best of spirits. Even when pre-funeral planning, the matter can be quite emotionally taxing. At 5280 Cremation & Funeral Service, we offer compassionate service to get you and your family through this time.

Honor Your Loved One with a Memorable Service

Cremations and help with arrangements in Denver, CO

Funerals are times of sorrow and reflection, but they can also be times of celebration. At 5280 Cremations, we understand the complexity of a loved one’s passing and offer funeral services that appropriately mourn loss while celebrating life. Cremation and traditional funeral services are available. Call today to speak with a director about the funeral services you need in the Denver, CO area.

Are you considering cremation?

Cremation services in Denver, CO

Many people are choosing cremation as their funeral arrangements, for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the spirituality cremation offers, others appreciate the opportunity to symbolically spread their loved one’s ashes.

Cremation is also typically a more economical alternative to traditional funerals because you don’t have to pay for a lot of land. Whatever unique benefit cremation offers you, trust 5280 Cremations for cremation services in Denver, Colorado.

Isn’t it better to plan ahead?

Pre-funeral planning in Denver, CO

You will need funeral services one day. Planning ahead will help your family be prepared for the funeral and can reduce the financial burden funeral services may have on them. At 5280 Cremations, we will come to you at your convenience to discuss pre-funeral planning.

We’ll explore all of your options and offer the opportunity to pay for some of your expenses upfront. Call today to speak with us about proper planning for your or a loved one’s funeral.